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Recent projects

''Als beeldend kunstenaars willen wij als inspirators en bruggenbouwers middenin de samenleving staan. Een groeiproces van Ik naar Wij in de bewustwording dat wij deel zijn van het grote geheel en dat we medescheppers zijn op deze aarde en de gezamenlijke verantwoordel...

SAB-profiel is begonnen in de markt van plafond en wand oplossingen in 1973. Toen der tijd waren zij de eerste producent in stalen geprofileerde bedekkingen. Sinds die tijd is SAB profiel uitgegroeid tot een leidende producent en leverancier in plafond en wand systemen...

VKV Group owner Chris Visscher is building Datsun 240Zs. This project is not only about refurbishing, but it goes one step further. In Utrecht, under his own roof, Chris is developing worlds last Datsun 240Z production line. What does he want to accomplish? In 2019, wh...

March 23th, 2018 we attended on the ESEF exhibition as a guest on the Oceanz stand. Very interesting to meet new people, and show some of our work.

Geert van Uffelen provided professional renders for the InoxDoors stand.

Thanks to MooiMerk:

Do you recognise this problem? You're going a night out, and when you're coming back you realise your jacket is stolen. Coatguard is the solution! Coatguard is easy to use and doesn't damage your jacket. With a key you can lock Coatguard to prevent your jacket being st...

 Award designed by Geert van Uffelen

''The Lifetime Achievement Award of EFFoST gives recognition to individuals whose lifetime work has contributed significantly to enhancing European competences in food science and technology. Nominations will be assessed in terms of...

Knobs designed for Handelmij Vermolen:

These knobs are 3D printed and can be re-designed to fit the customers needs. 

Handelmij Vermolen B.V. only supplies manufactures, installers and large-scale catering services companies. Handelmij Ver...

Binoculars modelled and rendered. These renders are made to show some of the possibilities that come with 3D rendering. The first image is a photorealistic render. Here the render looks exactly like a real photo. The second one is a studio render. These kind of renders...

Unofficial product renders made of the Phillips SensoTouch. 

''Digitally 3D rendered products are flexible, cost effective and now more realistic than ever.''

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iPhone concept: >5.000.000 views worldwide!!

April 11, 2016

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